Buy Star Theater ProStar Theater Pro is the optical projection system that enables you to definitely explore distant galaxies from the comfort of your bed or provide stellar entertainment for buddies and family.

The user can take advantage of its automated design, with motorized image rotation and ultra-bright white LED light source.

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Star Theater Pro

This Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium has many features, here are some of them :

Turns Your Home into a Planetarium

Star Theater Pro What We Think

Star Theater Pro What We Think

Star Theater Pro optical star projection product is a sleek, spherical projector that transforms any wall or ceiling right into a starry evening sky. The primary projection unit is really a modern-looking, plastic sphere that sits on the simple base, which rotates the projector easily and safely into any position.

When the projector is within position, the projection could be seen like a still image or like a gradually rotating look at the evening sky by choosing the rotate option around the primary user interface.

Works Almost Anywhere

Star Theater Pro by Uncle Milton is simple to setup and includes two image discs, a Starfield disc as well as an Earth/Moon/Sun disc. These discs squeeze into the disc tray located on the front from the projector. Once placed, the spherical projector could be switched to face any flat wall or ceiling surface. The main focus dial located on top of the projector round the optical lens can then be used to make sure the galactic image is sharp and crystal clear.

Additional features include: a timed shut-off option, a focus dial, an optical-quality lens, and also the option to power the unit by AA batteries (not included) or AC adaptor (included). The included planetarium soundtrack could be performed on any compact disc player when using the Star Theater Pro to boost the general planetarium experience.

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